At McVean Dental care we specialize in pediatric dental practice thereby providing great dental treatment to all children from age group 0 to 18. A healthy smile is loved by all and it also has a major impact on the lives of children by giving them the confidence and self-esteem they all need. Our dentists have experience with performing procedures on children; therefore we can assure you that your little one’s are in the right hands. We provide a patient-centered care to all our young patients, because we believe that visiting the dentist should always be a positive experience. Moreover, our friendly staff provides your children with methods on how they can maintain their teeth by using correct brushing techniques and avoiding cavities! Some pediatric dental care we offer include: dental exams, cleanings, fillings, x-rays, crowns, extractions, sport injuries, and more.

The root canal treatment or endodontic treatment includes the process of taking out infected or injured dead pulp from your tooth without actually removing the respective tooth. Its therapy allows you to keep your natural tooth rather than replacing it from artificial. Therefore, preventing other teeth in your mouth to drift out of line or cause any jaw problems. Our dentists perform this procedure tactfully and remove the infected pulp tissue of the tooth without much pain using efficient machines and units that help us locate the affected tissue. The removal is followed by the restoration of the tooth, protecting the sensitive tooth from bacteria and saliva. An amalgam is filled in to keep the natural tooth intact and the sensitive portions dry. This treatment can be completed in one to three visits, and the restored tooth can last a lifetime if good oral hygiene is conducted and regular visits are given to the dentist.
Complications of wisdom tooth growth may result in lot of pain. Moreover, it could cause damage to the adjacent tooth, infection, cyst development, severe pain and bone damage. Hence the extraction of the wisdom tooth becomes a necessity for some individuals. Our specialized team will ensure you are comfortable and feel no pain during the procedure. There many different forms of anesthesia available, such as local, sedation, or general. These anesthesias will have you unconscious during the procedure, and you will have no memory of the procedure. Moreover, we will give you instructions on pain management, swelling and bruising, bleeding, food, beverages, cleaning your mouth, and activities. We want you to have a speedy recovering, and will assist you in the best manner of achieving that!
Periodontics covers the field of dentistry, which deals with the diseases of the tooth supporting structures, predominantly ‘gingival’ or gums. Periodontal disease is importantly a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and the bone supporting the teeth. If the gum disease is left untreated, they could result in tooth loss. Hence, the Periodontics at our clinic:

  • Determine the extent of damage to your gums and help you practice proper oral hygiene; brushing, flossing, plaque removal, etc. techniques.
  • Detect, diagnose and treat gingivitis, plaque or any gum disease in a proficient manner and. This in turn removes plaque and gum bleeding.
Fillings have made progress over the years, and now we can provide white (mercury-free fillings). Prior to this discovery, fillings were conducted using amalgam, which is a combination of metals, such as mercury, silver, tin and copper. It is easier to work with and cost-effective. Although this procedure has been done for 150 years, new research has shown concerns about its 50% mercury, which is used as the bonding agent. Thanks to technological advances, we now can perform fillings that will mimic the appearance of natural teeth. This procedure is known as resin composite fillings, which is made from ceramic and plastic compounds. It is a safer method that will hide any cavities you have.
Dental implants are categorized under restoration dentistry. Implants are made of titanium (non-toxic) to restore the missing teeth that are fused into the actual bone. At McVean Dental Care, we have specialists that have years of training in this procedure. Patients should consider the amount of time this procedure takes, as well as the healing phase. During the first visit we will carefully examine your mouth, jaw, and head to ensure if dental implants are right for you. Dental implants are recommended for individuals who have healthy gums and enough bone in their jaw to withhold an implant. The first stage of the surgery, we will place an implant directly into your jawbone, which is beneath your gum tissues. Your dental implant will begin to attach to your gum after it is stitched into place. As mentioned, this first stage will quite a few months to heal completely. Once this tissue heals, a post (abutment) is placed to connect your substitute tooth to the implant. For some patients, this procedure can be combined into a single procedure; however we can only determine that once we assess your teeth.
Crowns are one of the major restorative dental procedures that save the function of a damaged or cracked tooth. McVean Dental Care has prosthodontists, which are dentists that specialize in restoring the appearance of natural teeth using substitutes. Therefore if you have damaged teeth, we are able to save it from being lost completely by placing an artificial tooth to cover the damaged teeth. Metal crowns, porcelain fused metal, composite crowns, and various other types of treatment are performed at our facility. During the first visit, we will place a temporary crown over your tooth to protect it until your specialized crown is ready. Our prosthodontists will guarantee that your final crown is perfect for the shape of your mouth, colour, and also bite. A minimum of two visits are needed to ensure your crown procedure is complete.
This treatment helps by bridging the gap created by one or more missing teeth. It is made of two or more crowns called abutment teeth and pontics. The gap between the crowns is filled with alloys, gold or porcelain. They support the natural teeth and are of different types performed at our facility- traditional, cantilever and Maryland bonded bridges. Our prosthodontists will assess your teeth, mouth, and gums to ensure the correct procedure is selected for you. A traditional bridge is selected if there are natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. However, if your teeth are not healthy to support the bridge, then we will go with an implant bridge. Custom bridges are created when you are missing several teeth. Benefits of bridges are that it will maintain the shape of your face, restore your smile, and avoid the rest of your teeth from drifting from their position. Moreover you can continue with your daily routines by being able to chew, bite, and speak correctly.
Dental veneers are categorized under cosmetic dentistry. They are thin shells designed to attach the front part of your teeth, therefore covering the surface to improve its appearance. We commonly use porcelain or composite resin materials in our clinics as veneers. Porcelain veneers is considered a better method than composite resin, because they are stronger and will not change the colour of your teeth. However, we will assess your teeth carefully, and then select which option is right for you.
Use braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth and get back your perfect smile.